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Positive attributes:

  1. Simple image gallery, number of images

  2. Hotel rating and reviews

  3. Popular amenities, with the option to click and see all amenities

  4. Hotel map with the exact location

  5. Info about the hotel

  6. Cleaning and safety practice info useful during Covid times

  7. Check-in information easy to find

  8. Fees & policies info

Positive attributes:

9.​    The main image is a bit unappealing in my opinion, could be more images shown 

10.  The hotel preview page is very long, contains too much information and therefore is a bit unorganized and confusing 

11.  “Similar properties nearby” in the middle of the page is a bit disturbing 

12.  “Similar properties” and “You may also like” is almost the same thing, no need to be there twice?
13.   Property amenities and popular amenities could be joined together and arrow button with the option to view more could be applied to make the page look less cluttered?

Overall: nice and simple design with lots of information, the image of the hotel is unappealing and the page is a bit cluttered containg same information twice.

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