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Positive attributes:

  1. Image gallery is standard, same as on

  2. Hotel review with the option to view all reviews

  3. Exact address, when clicked we see the location on the map

  4. Option to claim a deal

  5. Check-in & Check-out date, guests number preview

  6. More detailed review

  7. Hotel policies & Check-in/Check-out info

  8. Services & Amenities list

  9. Hotel description preview with the option for full description (makes it less cluttered)

  10. Surroundings - destintion to the airport and stations, landmarks and dining

Positive attributes:

11.  Unappealing, single image 

12.  Not quite sure what this arrow means or why it’s useful 

13.  Room options look a bit cluttered, too many options on a single page

14.  Why room with the option free cancellation is for the same price as non-refundable? 
15.  Prepay Online more expensive than Pay at hotel by £2? Is it not supposed to be the other way round? More research needed

Overall: a nice and pretty standard hotel review page with all the information we need. I enjoy the design, but seems a little too cluttered and the option arrow doesn’t make sense to me.

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