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Usability test - scenarios

1. Scenario -

1. Scenario -

  • You live in London and are planning a holiday break this summer

  • You are travelling to Phoenix with a partner for a week

  • You have already booked the flights to Phoenix on June 12th, returning on June 19th

  • You would like the hotel to be located close to the centre of Phoenix

  • You would like to make the payment on arrival, rather than paying upfront, with the possibility to cancel the room, if needed

  • You would like a room with breakfast included

2. Scenario -

  • You are planning a long weekend away to Italy in April next year

  • You don’t have any flights booked yet, but you would like to go on the 2nd or

  • 3rd weekend in April, Friday to Monday

  • You don’t have particular area of Italy in mind but you would like to stay close to the beach

  • You are travelling to Italy with a friend

  • You would like to book a twin room with breakfast included

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